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Then there is the gorgeous clone Sebastian who Mina is forbidden from even speaking to The Blemished is a frightening take on a fractured future where the Genetic Enhancement Ministry have taken control of Britain. Sarah Dalton, We are the ugly and imperfect. We are the Blemished. It all comes down to one simple fact - the Children of the GEM are perfect.

In a world filled with stunning clones Mina Hart is Blemished. This is a powerful, dramatic, and largely untold story about the ugly truth behind a beauty empire. From the Hardcover edition.

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We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously! Subscribe to get business and tech updates, breaking stories, and more! We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously! This verse forms one nexus. The semantic entities of both parts of the sentence are set apart from each other since the one refers to the elected king, and the other to the holy mountain hence on a higher plane they actually belong to one semantic category. Dik, Functional Grammar Dor- drecht, , 16—17, 25— A syntacto-semantic caesura of this kind does not exist in such passages as 1 Sam aa.

Holtz, ed. Balancing of nexuses is obvious in such verses as, e. One may even meet clear cases of a syntactically conditioned caesura, e. In prose, however, features of this type tend to stand apart and only rarely are they consecutive.

The Book of Job in Context

Parallelism is not allowed to impair narrative continuity. Line di- vision is less clear than in poetry, for it is not given by the nexus. Prose balancing, then, is less pronounced than poetic parallelism, and does not hamper narrative prog- ress. Despite some basic similarities, the distinction between prose and poetry should not be abandoned. Jahrhundert v.

Laus- berg, Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik Stuttgart, , —81, — This has been recognized by R. In formal terms one could envision an opposition between static parallelism in poetry and syntagmatic progress in narrative; e.

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Balanced coupling, then, is common in direct and indirect discourse. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Book of Job. Balanced Coupling in the Job Tale The point is that balanced coupling permeates the tale of Job in a way which has no precedent in any other prose narrative.

Recently the principles involved have been discussed by J. Watson, eds. On prose parallelism in general see also R. For example, 1 Sam. But this phrase does not contain a ballast variant; in this respect the present clause does not exhibit the same structure as Isa. For ytm d[ in poetry see: Jer. In poetic prose see Isa. The second colon completes the idea, while repeating the divine name.

Syntactic congruity is perfect, and so is isometry 2,2—4 accents; 4,4—8 syllables. For the view that some passages in the Job tale actually exhibit poetic parallelism, and that their source is to be sought in an ancient epic concerning Job, see N.

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  7. Pope, Job Garden City, , xxiv. Fohrer, Studien, 28; M. Alter and F. Ker- mode, eds.

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    Furthermore, the sound play connects the adverb to the divine name. In other cases the balance is limited to the syntactic-isometric components, e. The beautifully balanced nexus of Ps. This predilection for rhythmic regularity and balancing stands out in almost all direct speech —15, 16, 17, 18, 19; , 10, From a prosodic point of view it balances the verbal phrase.

    Syntactic structure is basically similar, since both clauses contain no ob- ject. On the face of it, this is just a straightforward sentence with a compound nominal predicate. Nevertheless, the con- struction is parallelistic, as may be seen by comparison with two lines from Deutero- Isaiah Isa. This is a case of double gapping involving verb and predicate and not just of syntactic-isometric congruence.

    Accordingly, this line is quite balanced from the point of view of semantics, syntax, and isometry. Both clauses consist of a verb of movement and a divine name, and both have two main accents. The prosodic structure of the underlying reconstruction is preserved by the actual compound sentence of vv. In the corresponding verse of the opening scene the condensed clause occurs only once. Hence the pro- sodic structure is less full than it is according to its pendant. According to that version the structure of our verse is equal to that of Moreover, both clauses are followed by an additional clause: whrkh alw and wkbyw.

    This isomorphy is matched by a certain rhythmic regularity 3—2—3. The lack of se- mantic correspondence though partly compensated by lexical repetition does not detract from the other components of this prosodic structure. In the second line both clauses are concerned with the mourning gestures.

    The Unleashed

    The semantic correspondence, then, is obvious. So is the syntactic congruity. Within the line isometry is less pronounced. One of the most amazing instances of prosodic arrangement is the regularity in the pericope of the disasters which hit Job. First, one should note the stereo- typic introduction of the messengers , 17 : rmayw—ab hzw—rbdm hz dw[ As he was still speaking—another came—and said.

    The obvious features of this passage are lexical correspondence hz, rbdm, rmayw , and syntactic congruity subject with participle as verbal predicate. The other accounts all open with a long clause ex- plaining the source of the calamity, balanced by two short clauses to describe what actually happened: 1. One also notes some regularity in the syntactic arrangement.

    Thus, both junctions contain three main accents. In spite of a lack of semantic equivalence and syntactic congruity, we obtain a prosodic pattern. Other cases of balanced junction include: a verbal junctions: wmjnl wl dwnl awbl wdjy wd[wyw ; b structured listings, e. The verses in which one may not discern any type of balanced coupling are few and far between ; ; ; and in direct discourse: , 9; , 8; b—8. In short, in this tale balanced coupling is almost as regular as parallelism is in the poetic speeches. Its frequency exceeds the incidence of balancing in other tales by far.

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    The Noun-Verb Ratio in Pre-exilic and Postexilic Prose Prose and poetry are fully comparable in one respect: both contain verbs and nouns, and therefore the noun-verb ratio hence: NV , one of the universal charac- teristics of language,48 relates to both of them. In standard language, as well as in po- etry, a typical clause contains one predicate, mostly verbal VP , together with some noun phrases NP , including a subject, mostly nominal i. In these clauses both subject and object are explicitly indicated by nouns. Sebeok, ed. Guiraud and P.

    Kuentz, La Stylistique: Lectures Paris, , — Zemb speaks of relative stability of authorial style, and of language in this case, French as compared with German. So will a text that con- tains many verbless nominal clauses. A text containing two nouns per verb, resulting in a NV-ratio of 0. A text in which the ratio is higher than 0. The verbal style, on the other hand, is characterized by: the small number of attributive descriptions; the limited use of expositional discourse; the frequency of reference by pronouns and particles; and implicit reference implied subject or object.

    In such texts the verbal components are more pronounced, because there are fewer nominal components accompanying them. Expository pericopes obviously tend to the Complication and denouement are highly verbal, and the crisis even more so Subunit Noun Verb NV rate exposition vv.

    But if a participle serves as an attribute, it is counted as a noun.