Bard of Pain (The Three Lands)

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Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Royal Pains — Rate This. Season 3 Episode All Episodes Jack dumps Hank as his doctor and blows off his medical treatment, Hank helps a Shakespearean actor with stomach pains, Divya uses Dr. Van Dyke to impress her ex, and Paige contemplates an opportunity to go away to England for eight weeks.

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Director: Tricia Brock. Writers: Andrew Lenchewski created by , John P. Watched TV Shows. Tales of Macha The most famous part of the Macha legend was the race in which she ran while pregnant. It was said that she went to the house of Cruind, a farmer, and circled on the flagstones outside his house three times before entering the dwelling and embarking on an affair with him.

Macha became pregnant and later in a conversation with the king of Ulster, Cruind boasted that Macha could outrun any horse. The king demanded to see this put to the test despite the protestations of Macha. She appealed for a delay until she had given birth but the king refused and she was forced to compete. One version of the tale states that she died after the race, giving birth to twins. The audio tapes documenting the series can be found in Series V: Media. A The Art Course Files subseries contains planning documents and press releases for the four art course series.

B The Art Course Slides subseries contains slides for the four art course series. Series IV: The Colin de Land Files consists of various records that reflect Colin de Land's process as a dealer and artist, reflecting the blurred boundaries that existed between his professional and personal lives.

A The Special Projects subseries consists of various professional and academic projects that Colin took on in addition to the everyday functions of the gallery. B The Writings subseries consists of published writings, interviews, and notebooks which contain thoughts on art, gallery operations, and personal matters. CThe Personal Files subseries are comprised of folders containing personal correspondence, as well as folders concerning personal topics such as travel and health. D The Slide Carousels subseries reflect slide presentations on various artists, and often present a snapshot of gallery programming of a given year or range of years.

E The Real Estate subseries consists of information on the various tenancies associated with Colin de Land, including leases, legal records, and floorplans. F The Invitations subseries consist of gallery invitations collected by Colin de Land. G The Readings subseries contains various essays, articles and exhibition statements collected by Colin de Land. Media access is only provided where access files have been created. Access files are indicated throughout the finding aid. Media subseries contains audiovisual and storage media from the A.

Artist Files subseries I. A , in addition to a general media inventory from the gallery. Exhibition Files subseries, in addition to a general media inventory from the gallery. See series III. D The Colin de Land Files Media subseries contains various audiocassettes and CDs, ranging from commercially released music to mixtapes and self-help titles. E The Miscellaneous Media subseries consists of largely unlabeled audiovisual and storage media. The collection is open to researchers without restrictions.

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Appointments are necessary to consult manuscript and archival materials. Access copies for media materials may not be available yet. Please contact the CCS Archivist for further details. Collection use is subject to all copyright laws. Please contact ccslib bard. Click here for the American Fine Arts, Co. Click here for a list of separated materials. The A. Artists' Files subseries is arranged alphabetically by artist. Further ordering by record group has been performed during processing Correspondence, Exhibition, Financial, Project, etc.

Correspondence: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Correspondence: Press [c. Correspondence: Printed Matter, Inc. Exhibition: "Garbage! Exhibition: Galleria S. Exhibition: "Start! Art Club texts Nolda? Purple Fashion , no. Exhibiton: Von Bonin at A. Correspondence: M. Exhibition: M.

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Exhibition: "Still Life" Amelie A. Exhibition: "Ha! Exhibition: Hyde Collection Exhibition " Risk vol. Exhibition: "Oh! Cet Echo! Exhibition: "Parallax View" P. Exhibition: "On taking a normal situation Exhibition: "Skulptur. Correspondence: Fend vs. William T. Correspondence: Shiraishi Contemporary Art, Inc. Exhibition: Leo Koenig, Inc. Exhibition: "Attack! Project: Border Action including Border Action publication, no.

Project: M. PF Photographs contains one 5 x 7 in. Mapping, a response to MoMA. Exhibiton: "May I Help You? Exhibition: "Aren't They Lovely? Exhibition: "Fort! Project: "May I Help You? Eleven painted strips of paper in edition of 66 ["Last Hy??

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CPM Photos 1 color 4 x 6 in. Exhibition: Neue Gesellschaft fuer Bildende Kunst e. Financial: Invoice: L. CN Inventory - Master Jan. Exhibition: "Greater New York" P.

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Exhibition: "democracy! Exhibition: "Fantastic! Correspondence: Gundlach, F. Exhibition: "Photos? Exhibition: "The Big Nothing Exhibition: ["J. Julian St. Exhibition: "In the Beginning Vorschlag fur des Aachener Kaiser Doms, 9. Correspondence: Genovese Gallery insurance claim. See content notes for individual binder contents. Roy Arden: Works and Exhibitions c. Nancy Barton: Works c. Binder contains mostly slides documenting individual works, installations, and exhibitions, organized by body of work.

There are some printed photographs and snapshots. Calvin Brown: Works c.

Charles Clough: Works and Exhibitions c. Mark Dion: Projects and Exhibitions c. Binder contains slides documenting various artist projects primarily from to in reverse chronology, with dividers written in the artist's hand, followed by various projects from to Binder includes slides ranging from to , preceded by a placard "Daniel Faust List of Locations.

Peter Fend: Various Projects c. Binder contains mostly slides, with some snapshots documenting various projects c. Binders contain slides, snapshots, photographs and negatives documenting projects including site specific and select exhibitions Also included are select press and project descriptions, along with a series of photographic portraits of the artist. Binder contains mostly slides and some snapshots printed in , followed by some slides of older works by the artist as well other artists including Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim, etc.

Brian Gayman: Works and Exhibitions c. Contains slides of individual works as well as installation views of Gayman's exhibition at American Fine Arts. Grennan and Sperandio: Projects and Exhibitions c. Binder contains documentation of works and exhibitions as well as solo works by Chris Sperandio; primarily slides, with some paper documentation and 3-D glasses. Ull Hohn: Works and Exhibitions c. Binder contains mostly slides with some transparencies documenting individual works as well as exhibition installations, as well as some inventory documentation.

Thom Merrick: Works and Exhibitions c. Binder contains slides, transparencies, and photographs documenting individual works and exhibition installations, including the and exhibitions at American Fine Arts. John Miller: Works and Exhibitions c. David Robbins: Works and Exhibitions c. Sam Samore: Works and Exhibitions c. Binders contain mostly sildes, with some printouts and transparencies, organized by body of work as well as exhibition. Also contains selet press and bio.

Frank Schroder: Works and Exhibitions c. Binder contains slides, transparencies, snapshots, select printed exhibition materials, and notes. Suzy Spence: Works c. Binder contains mostly slides of artist's work ranging from to with installation views, as well as color printouts, transparencies, and a bio and press. Bernard Works and Exhibitions c. Contain work descriptions as well as visual materials representing artworks in various formats: slides, photographs, polaroids, negatives, snapshots, transparencies and postcards. Binder contains slides, polaroids and photographs.

Slides are arranged by projects in rough chronology, accompanied by descriptions. Many of these projects predate the artist's involvement with the gallery. Binder contains mostly slides with some snapshots and transparencies, documenting exhibitions as well as individual or series of works.

Select project descriptions and artist statements included. Binder contains mostly slides, with some transparencies, photographs, and press, as well as a checklist from Wachtel's solo show. John Waters: Works and Exhibitions c. Binder contains polaroids, snapshots and negatives of individual works and exhibition installation views. Exhibitions c. Submitted materials by 50 artists who participated in the exhibition of largely non-gallery artists.

Materials include a single page describing the work shown, followed by a sheet of 35 mm slides in most cases. Binder contains primarily slides documenting the exhibition, as well as other slides and a project description for Vito Acconci. Binder contains mostly slides with some snapshot photographs, documenting exhibitions and events including art fairs in chronological order. Binder contains transparencies and slides, including installation shots and individual work views.

Binder contains checklist, slides and transparencies for "Cop Sculpture" as well as documentation for other projects by the artists. Binder contains slides and transparencies and negatives documenting the exhibition, along some correspondence and later press. Binder contains checklist and visual documentation including slides, snapshots, negatives and color photographs.

Binder contains checklist, slides, transparencies, press, photographs of the installation process, and documentation of other projects. Binder contains invitation, press release, checklists, slides, negatives, photographs, and transparencies. Binder contains slides and transparencies documenting the exhibition, as well as some earlier work.

Binder contains checklist, press, transparencies, snapshots, polaroids, slides, and printed photographs documenting the exhibition as well as individual works. Binder contains mostly slides with some transparencies, documenting the installation as well as individual works. Also contains some inventory information. Binder contains mostly slides documenting the gallery's Armory Show presentations, with some snapshots and press, as well as event slides for a Halloween party at Pat Hearn Art Gallery, Binder contains press release, press, slides, transparencies, snapshots and negatives for the exhibition and related programming.

Binder contains transparencies, some pricing information, slides documenting the exhibition, and other slides from the artist's studio. Miscellaneous: B. Art Fairs and Promotional Compilations Binders are arranged chronologically. The contents of each binder are arranged by artist name alphabetically, and have been foldered by document type.

Binder contains slides,transparencies, printed photographs, press clipping, bios, artist statements and project descriptions by artist, presumably for presentation outside of the gallery.

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Binder contains mostly slides, transparencies and printed photographs by artist, in addition to some biographical material bios, press, etc. Binder is preceded by a list of artists on the cover that does not exactly replicate the contents of the binder. Some materials appear to have been removed. This binder was brought to the Art Forum Berlin fair for promotional purposes and contains largely press and visual materials.

Correspondence subseries is arranged chronologically by year, followed by an alphabetical run of correspondence by individual or institution name. Correspondence Files span from to , and include two years from the Vox Populi gallery. Correspondence Letter to Mr. Correspondence Jan. Artist files contain the working records of the gallery pertaining to an artist, and include correspondence, exhibition files for AFA shows and other institutions, financial records, artist writings, and other types of documentation. RB Slides Whitney I. PH Photo contains photographs, negatives, slides, and contact sheets.

Exhibition: " Interview of Laura Owens by N. D's apartment on Monday Sept. Financial and Administrative subseries is arranged by document type, in no particular order. American Fine Arts, Inc. October through December ]. American Fine Arts Co. The Pat Hearn Gallery series is comprised of the gallery's working files including exhibition files, correspondence largely focused by artist , artist files, administrative and financial records, visuals binders for exhibitions and artists, and Pat Hearn's Memorial services and exhibitions.

The P. Martori, Merrick, St. Faust, Martori, St. Simon Leung:"Call to Glory Musee d'art Moderne de St. Correspondence contains photographs and transparencies. Further ordering by record group has been performed during processing. GF Certificates of Authenticity St. PM Photo contains transparencies and printed photographs. JSB Photo contains printed photographs. Administrative and Financial Files are arranged by document type, in no particular order.

Administrative and Financial Files contain records pertaining to general gallery business including invoices, shipping, and advertising. Tax Documentation re: , sent to R. Cash Receipts Jan. Visuals subseries contains mostly slides and transparencies for individual artists, as well as group shows and select art fairs and performances.

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Visuals subseries is arranged alphabetically by artist name, preceded by binders with group show, art fair, and performance documentation. Binder contains mostly slides and transparencies for group shows, art fairs, and performances c. Binders contain mostly slides and transparencies for individual artists, including some installation views for solo exhibitions at Pat Hearn Gallery. John Armleder: Works and Exhibitions c. George Condo: Works and Exhibitions c.

Gretchen Faust: Works and Exhibitions c. Lisa Hein: Works and Exhibitions c.