Bioassessment of Freshwater Ecosystems: Using the Reference Condition Approach

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BADY, P. Use of invertebrate traits for biomonitoring of European large rivers: the effects of sampling effort on genus richness and functional diversity. Freshwater Biology , vol. Bioassessment of freshwater ecosystems using the reference condition approach. Aquatic habitat assessment: common methods. Bethesda: American Fisheries Society. Are the streams of the Sinos River basin of good water quality?

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Aquatic macroinvertebrates may answer the question. Brazilian Journal of Biology, vol. Effects of deforestation on macroinvertebrate diversity and assemblage structure in Ecuadorian Amazon streams. Comparisons of benthic invertebrates between riffles and pools. Hydrobiologia , vol.

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Bioassessment Of Freshwater Ecosystems Using The Reference Condition Approach

Influence of water chemistry and environmental degradation on macroinvertebrate assemblages in a river basin in south-east Brazil. Food value of introduced eucalyptus leaves for a Mediterranean Stream detritivore: Tipula lateralis. Freswater Biology , vol.


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Estudos integrados em ecossitemas. Estudos integrados em ecossistemas. Rio de Janeiro.

Using the Reference Condition Approach

Are leaf breakdown rates a useful measure of stream integrity along an agricultural landuse gradient? Palaeontologia Electronica , vol.

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The Ecology of Running Waters. Liverpool University Press.

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Bioassessment of Freshwater Ecosystems

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Freshwater Biology, 14 3 , pp. Please also credit our data donor institutions. Contact us. Show all.

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