Coal Geology Research Progress

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Meanwhile, the development of each key problem was summarized and analyzed. Among the key problems, the anisotropic coal permeability models can be represented by the variation of effective stress or geometric parameters. The models based on the variation of effective stress were exponential functions, but the models based on the variation of geometric parameters were almost the power functions of the third power.

The damaged-coal permeability models were classified into two categories. One was with damage variables in constitutive equations, the other was with damage variables in permeability expressions. The models whose damage variables were in constitutive equations have a wider scope of application. And the models whose damage variables were in permeability expressions can more intuitively express the quantitative relationship between permeability and influencing factors.

Current Status of the Research on Coal Geology in China

In the treatment of sorption and desorption, the expressions of sorption-induced strain derived from sorption thermodynamics were summarized. The expressions of sorption-induced strain in the form of Langmuir equations were most widely used in the construction of coal permeability models. Moreover, the established permeability models of coal under mining were introduced. The permeability models of coal under mining were classified into effective stress type, geometric parameter type and coefficient fitting type.

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Research Progress of Coal Villages in China Based on Literatures Analysis

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Coal Resource, Seams and Geology of the Masama Coal Project

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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.


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Chemical Geology. Newsletters on Stratigraphy. Practical application shows that roadway supporting schemes effectively control the two-sided displacement and relative movement of the roof and floor to ensure the daily production of coal mine. Abstract: The permeability of coal is very important parameter on gas extraction, but it is difficult to get good effect by conventional method on low air permeability coal seam.

The data display it increased to The best result in study is the position of 2. All the data display that it can reach well result of increasing the permeability of coal seam by impacting with high energy air. Abstract: Duanwang Coal Mine in Shanxi province, China, is located at north of Qinshui coalfield which gently inclined and thick seams have been mined.

Authorized production capacity of the coal mine is 1.

Remaining Reserves

With the increase of mining depth, the mine gas emission quantity increased. The mine became high gassy one from low gassy mine. Using field measurement and theoretical analysis methods, the following conclusion can be drawn. Gas emission quantity of coal face is directly correlated with mining depth. With the increase of mining depth, both absolute and relative gas emission quantities at coal face increased.

The gradient of gas emission quantity was 0. These results would provide a foundation for prediction of the gas emission quantity and selection of gas control measures. Abstract: Based on the geological conditions of 6 coal seam and 8 coal seam in Xieqiao Coal Mine, to determine reasonable entry layout of lower seam in multi-seam mining, alternate internal entry layout, alternate exterior entry layout and overlapping entry layout were put forward and simulated by FLAC3D.

Then stress distribution and displacement characteristics of surrounding rock were analyzed in the three ways of entry layout, leading to the conclusion that alternate internal entry layout is a better choice for multi-seam mining, for which makes the entry located in stress reduce zone and reduces the influence of abutment pressure of upper coal seam mining to a certain extent,. And the mining practice of Xieqiao Coal Mine tested the results, which will offer a beneficial reference for entry layout with similar geological conditions in multi-seam mining. Added To Cart. Continue Shopping To Cart.