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The author was motivated to write this book when she was driving on the interstate to her place of work. There was a torrent of rain, the sky was dark gray, and visibility was poor. Traffic was almost to a halt. It is not uncommon for thirteen-year-old girls to have regular babysitting jobs for neighbors. It is not uncommon that these business relationships become more like family connections. When Jared and Lisa Thompson's thirteen-year-old babysitter, Nichole, concludes that Jared may be in trouble, this very smart little girl sets out to help Uncle Jared any way she can.

Everyone has dreams! Sometimes these dreams seem too good to be true. Sometimes these dreams do come true, at least for a while. This is what happened to me. Everything seemed to fall into place and I was literally on cloud nine. I already had a rough life up to this point and I was convinced that this event was going to erase all the bad memories from the past. I was convinced that this relations The Pain, the Journey, the Healing. I think there is a difference between surviving and enduring. Surviving is like a victory at the end of suffering.

Surviving is victory as an aftermath. Raised by a wealthy European couple in Bayville, New York, Zane struggled in his toddler and teen years with the nihilist philosophy on the meaningless of life because death was the ultimate result. With these thoughts gradually building a suicidal mind-set, Zane searched high and low for answers and sought the importance of life if there was one.

My book, Awesome God, tells of the many miracles in my life. I was born on an old farm in Vivian, Louisiana. We were very poor and had no running water, gas, or electricity. We lived in an old three-room house with a fireplace in the living room as our only source of heat for the house. God healed me instantly of polio when I was five years old and in , there was NO treatment or vaccines at th Adore Him is an easy path to health and wellness.

It is a simple outline to creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Each letter in Adore Him has a significant meaning. This is outlined below:. Scenario Queen is a book filled with circumstances, encounters, and choices that June had to make. These stories may be similar to encounters on your life's journey as well. As you read this book, whether you're a believer in Jesus Christ or not, the author's hope is that you find encouragement that light shines on a past memory or a current circumstance in ways you've not thought of before This original Mediterranean book is a sensational experience I gained from traveling and testing the delicious food and appetizers.

Through its pages, you will come to appreciate why the Mediterranean cuisine flavors are good for healthier you. Here, you will find recipes that are deeply rooted in ancient spices routes of the Mediterranean cooking. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John You will find this verse scattered throughout this devotional. There is nothing you or I can do to get to heaven except to accept Jesus into our hearts and thank Him for the perfect sacrifice He made for us on the cross. Both men and women should read this book.

Men in order to know what role he is to play and women as well so that she will know how to help the man to play his part well. This book should be read as a guide. I would like to suggest that this be approached as a step by step manual. As each truth penetrates your spirit, I suggest that you might "Selah" pause and calmly think about that , make a pers Few texts in the Bible can cause Christ's followers curiosity and sometimes confusion as the book of Revelation.

The book begins with messages to the seven churches. Were these messages just intended for those early churches, or was there a deeper meaning that each of us should consider as applicable to our own spiritual walk? Jesus spoke these words to his followers:. This is more than 10 million victims of domestic violence a year. Offering a hard look inside the life of a victim of domestic violence, Dawn shares her pain, heartache, and f Celebrating the Christmas holidays takes on new meaning when we celebrate the love of God, our Father who "so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life" John , NKJV I quickly had decided to give what was left of me, of my soul, to God hoping to find absolution in his eyes, hoping and praying.

So I forged a plan, a wonderful, delightfully devilish, life-altering plan. I would show them all. Discover the healing power of fresh juices and smoothies with recipes proven to help prevent and even treat diseases based on the latest research. The former "juicing expert" for About. Are you needing a reminder about the goodness of God? Have you been overwhelmed with the daily stresses of an unbelievable schedule, relationship issues, fear of the unknown, constant depression, or a lack of confidence?

Happy Thursday contains brief summaries about a joyful, confident, expectation of good, which is hope in Christ Jesus. The devotionals contain the humorous and serious events of a She is sent to a quaint dress shop for children where she is immediately declared the prettiest dress in the shop.

She is, of course, delighted to hear how fabulous she is. However, all the praise also goes to her head. Once she is purchased, she finds herself in a small closet with three Our Bible teaches us that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Be strong, have faith, carry on. But what if our daily challenges reach a breaking point? How do we handle our grief then, witnessing dreams shatter like exploding glass? Suffering heartache so profound one cannot take another step?

We ask God why? Why is He giving us so many tests? And when we finally muster the courage to mov My dog Chloe met a new friend named Squirrel. They became great friends, and you know sometimes friends get mad with each other. Squirrel got mad at Chloe because of something Chloe said to Squirrel, but Chloe didn't realize what she said to Squirrel was hurtful. Squirrel ran away. Chloe called Squirrel but he didn't answer. Question: Will Squirrel and Chloe talk to each other again? Is this a mi The Heart of Hannah is a funny story about faith, family, and persistence. Hannah is a very determined squirrel who becomes the backyard rock star as she tries to find the secret to the squirrel-proof bird feeder.

The story is based on a reader favorite from The Heart of a Warrior blog series. The original blog is included as an added bonus! Ant and his friends are faced with fear, temptation, bullying, and anxiety. Each day brings new challenges and situations that need the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. God desires us to be victorious over the devices of the enemy through the power of His Word. The lies and traps of the enemy are real even in the lives of children.

Ant's family is faced with these issues, the La verdad es la existencia de Dios. Who Made Me? This modern story is written in simple everyday English about a snowman who finds out about God and learns that he has a relationship with Him, as we all do. The writer, Janet E.

O'Connell, originally wrote this story with children in mind but soon realized that it is a Two hundred years from now, the earth is past the point of recovery from exploitation by humankind. Pollution of all kinds, human-induced climate change and overpopulation, have all contributed to the generally held belief that the human species will be nearing the end of days on earth. An international collaboration of scientists convinces governments that investing in the creation and constructi This book will inspire readers to look at life as God intended, shedding a proper light on life's journey.

Through written testaments, answers to life's mysteries will become clear as the reader begins to make sense of it all. The Bible has always been the bestseller, and this book should boost its sales Robert Hoffman has served as a stewardship consultant for forty years. He has worked with congregations that assume that stewardship ministry is primarily concerned with raising funds for the church. At some point during their work together, he would try to explain to the church leaders he was working with that stewardship is concerned about our relationship with Who is Dahlia?

A pretty, young woman whose expression and behavior seems to be a compendium of science presented as a human being. Sometimes, we complain that he never speaks, or that we never hear him in desperate times, but one thing we need to ask ourselves is, are we listening? Are we recognizing who is speaking to us? Can we hear our Father's voice clearly? The story introduces courageous women who believed that, because the first contacts of the Messiah were with women, Jesus liberated women from brutal submissiveness in the first century.

Yet, this viewpoint could still be applicable for religious women in our twenty-first century. This theory could be also acceptable to women involved in Christian communities and churches who believe they Everyone has a past, things they're not proud of. We all have commas after our name.

Sally, the slut.

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Bobby, the thief. Kathryn, the woman with the TBI. Katie, the girl with psychosis. Kat, the angel from hell or Sally, the sex offender. Wan, the murderer. Eric, the rapist. Whatever it is that comes after your name, it's just a prison. A lie telling you that you're not enough. Blocking your miracl This book is filled with practical procedures and Juanita's story of how she beat Diabetes and how her life has been transformed.

Hopefully you will read her exciting story and find these procedures helpful. People are just as healthy as they make up their minds to be. Fortunately, you can prevent Diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The sooner you act, the better your health End-time teaching is a subject that interests all Christians. The location of Christians during tribulation times as described in Bible prophecy is of upmost importance. The purpose of this book is to encourage the people of God to strengthen their faith and put on the whole armor of God to spiritually stand in hard times.

Knowledge is a powerful tool to guide the believers' walk. Allowing the Wor Everything was going well for Ben. His finances collapsed to the point of bankruptcy, and he strongly considered quit Many marriages are suffering shipwreck and dissolution because of human inclination to natural desires. The absence of personal knowledge and understanding of marriage fundamentals has created casualties in the marriage institution. Many have experienced violent storms in their marriages resulting in emotional pain, broken hearts and fa Three girls and their family from a war-torn area of the Middle East arrive in Gretna, Louisiana.

The two older girls are fraternal twins. Once enrolled in an American school, it is apparent that they all have educational and developmental concerns. The three girls are taken in by a teacher who has volunteered to include them in her class. The students become caretakers for the girls. The sisters In Mark 9, a father whose son was tormented by a demon came to Jesus for healing. The words of the father sounds familiarly inconsistent, "I believe; help my unbelief. He wanted more than anything for his son to be healed. Only this itinerant teacher could heal him from the threat of injury and possibly death.

When he went to the disciples Just like King David. Dear readers, if you're reading this, then my message has reached you. The era from which my story occurs is far or near yours. Christianity has successfully influenced over much of my world. However, our utopia is under siege by an atheist guerrilla group called the Open Eyes. God has an individually-drafted plan, which is specifically detailed for each one of us. Many of us tend to have our own plans for our lives already mapped out before we begin to pursue them.

God has a plan set forth for eac Combating PTSD not only affects the veteran as anxiety, depression, memory loss, and nightmares. There are problems with intimacy.

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It is very difficult for your spouse or significant other not to become very stressed at constantly being awakened by screams and, sometimes, physical abuse. Same as alcoholism, untreated PTSD will create dysfunctional generations. This book originated from the many interactions with the persons who have graced our breakfast table over the years. Enjoy the read Over the course of human existence, various cultures, traditions, and languages arose from the building of the Tower of Babel as described in the book of Genesis chapter The diversity of cultures and traditions in the world today have made people serve God through the eyes of man and not the way God want to be truly honored.

The front cover design, of a vine bearing grapes, depicts the success of an intervention. When you compare the same vi The author describes, in her aunt's words the turbulent and often traumatic past of a woman who struggled to overcome her past and traditions; and establish her own identity as a scholarly, bilingual achiever. Sariah grew up in the early s on the Navajo Reservation. As an uneducated, non-English-speaking young girl, her life was largely influenced and dominated by the ancient teachings and pra What is more important, winning or always doing your best?

And does it matter? Three bunnies - Sue, Mike, and Tim - learn that it does matter. It is county fair time, which means it is carrot pie contest time. Only the very best pie will win. Sue, Mike, and Tim are longing to win. So together they search for the perfect carrots and work very hard to prepare their very best pie to enter in The first century church understood this to be a reality, but some church fathers considered this rendering mistranslated and even heresy.

Although today many Christians do not believe this concept, the very core of Christianity epitomizes pregnancy from the mixture of flesh and Daniel was living an unfulfilled life. He thought that by being a police officer, he would be. Where was the kindness and the. Theophanie, by way of the scriptures quoted in The One-Flesh Covenant, brings to light, through the power of the Holy Spirit, truths that have been rejected by the body of Christ for generations, truths that are foundational and crucial to every life and marriage, and truths that are able to change the behavior of this generation and generations to come.

She exposes the false doctrines that You can't help but have the feeling that there will come a future generation of men, if there are any future generations of men, who will look at old pictures of helicopters and say, "You've got to be kidding. Helicopters have that look that certain machines have in historical drawings. Machines or devices that came just before a major breakthrough.

Record-changers just before the lightwei This book is about the thoughts and memories of my life of fifty some years in this same home, where I raised my children. I have tried to paint a picture of how I see nature all around me, and how nature is an extension of God's work. His building of the earth and the inhabitants therein. I have gained inspiration From this, and through the years have gained insight into man, and the map created Marriage was designed by God.

It was meant to be something good, exciting, and joyful. It was designed to be so fulfilling that only death would be able to separate the union. The automobile, computer, architectonical, aviation industries etc. The intent is to give the consumer an idea of what they are getting in the way of performance, quality, safety, Oh no! Frankie is tired of his sister messing up all of his things. But does Frankie really want Angie to be gone forever? Will he choose to forgive his little sister, or does Frankie have Dare to Choose is a book written about my life experiences and the lessons I've learned from both opportunity and adversity.

It is specifically designed for women to learn positive and effective tools to overcome any challenge or trauma through a faith-based perspective. You will learn specific skills to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and joy as well as personal and spiritual growth that will emp Here are basically three reasons for writing this book:. One Sunday a mentor approached me and handed me a journal saying, "Here, you will need this to ke My name is Jesse, and I'm in the twilight zone between being a kid and maturing into a young lady. Maturing can be hard on a person, and I'd just as soon not grow up.

I'd rather have the world conform to me, rather than the other way around. I would've been lost without my Gramma. I spent summer vacations with her, but this past summer, when I was fourteen, was a doozy. When life got m Coming from an unhappy home in Bethlehem, the little shepherd boy was happiest when he was out with the sheep at night. An amazing midnight experience led him to go with the other shepherds to find a baby in a manger, a wonderful sight he would never forget. Moving to Galilee as a man in search of joy, he comes in contact with a young teacher named Jesus.

When he finally gets up enough cou This unique book captures God's plan for the Feasts of Israel; with their Biblical history, rich traditions and triumphant fulfillment in Christ. It will open your eyes to see how relevant these Feasts are to your everyday Christian life and will serve as a powerful tool to pass your faith in Jesus Christ to the next generation. Interwoven throughout this book you find testimonies, songs, christia It didn't matter whether they were under my bed, on the playground, at church, or even in my own head.

I was all alone facing these monsters. I got so tired of the bullies, the heartbreak and hurt feelings. I got so tired of fighting the monsters. I hoped someone would help me, but no one ever did. Santa Claus never helped me. Hercules, Sup Worship Touching the Heart of God is a book for the body of Christ to know the difference between praising God and worshiping God.

It will take you through the steps of praise into the transitioning to worship! It will enlighten your heart to express who God is to you personally. Worship Touching the Heart of God will truly be a blessing to praise and worshippers. It will provoke you, the reader, My inspiration for writing All God's Children came to me in the darkest of times for my husband of forty plus years and myself after suffering four strokes and seeing his will to live and come home with me. The love that God has shown us in these dark times by blessing us with two beautiful great-granddaughters and the light in their eyes and laughter in their little hearts was the silver lining b Do you have a silent struggle that wages deep within your soul?

Are there questions, shame, and sadness that resound within at the end of every day? The emptiness and loneliness from not being understood.

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And then there's the question of "Why do I survive? After twenty-two years, Emerson finds himself in a much similar position as his parents did when he was a kid. Inside a spaceship! However, Em This is the biography and journey of a father leading his family out of the world's relative darkness, confusion, and misunderstanding caused by false teaching and into the realm of absolute daylight, certainty, hopefulness, and understanding by way of the undeniable truth. You will be guided through this father's life from early childhood, through adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

You w What happens when your best friend grows up and moves on without you? The youngest of seven children, Erma was raised by elderly parents. Approval and affection were scarce. Learning that achievement meant approval and being right meant acceptance, she pushed herself to perform. She graduated as valedictorian of her high school class. A few weeks later Erma married Harold, the Korean War veteran and charming bad-boy.

She believed that if only she could be good enoug We all need to sit back and relax each day with the word of God. The word tells us as believers to hide the word in our hearts because it is food to our Spirit man, and the word is a light to our path and a lamp to our feet. There are so many situations and issues in life that we can't risk being without the word of God, having it in our hands, reading it; having it in our hearts, p Do you believe that God still speak to his people? Psalms , Psalms Think about being the only person in your church who has a burning desire to help those who are less fortunate with food and clothing, but no one knows what to do with you, and no one is tuned into your ideas.

Yet, you don't give up until you find out that there are no books to read or people who know anything about the subject of opening a food pantry. Then you decide that it is time to go outsid Life seemed pretty well laid out for her. She would remain in that small town she grew up in as all her relatives and friends did and never really be able to escape the cycle of poverty and hardship.

Then when she was a teenager, a vision entered her mind which was to change her life forever. And that was the start of a journey that would take her halfway across the country, stopping in big If your child is ill, the most important thing is getting them all better. This book features the warmth and comfort of a parent's affection as they work together to get their child back to their happy place of wellness.

With unconditional love, compassion, high-quality care, comfort, laughter and playing, children can forget for a few minutes that they are not well. All Better encourages children Separation from God is a book dealing with God and Man. It evolves around the constant violating by man of gods. Commandments, laws, and instructions. Man, through their actions and sin keep moving further and further away from God.

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The book starts out over six thousand years ago with the release of the Hebrews from the dictatorial rule of pharaoh and the Egyptians going all the way up to t El Cuento de un Burro es la historia de un joven burro y de la importante tarea que realiza. One of the first true freedoms you experience as a kid growing up is your first bike.

All the kids in my neighborhood had bikes, and we roamed like packs of unwashed hooligans with torn jeans and bloody knees. We stuffed playing cards in our spokes and chewed on black licorice sticks as we rode around lookin Rocky Tillman is becoming a young woman in the picturesque Midwestern town of Thomasville during the end of the millennium. Her once perfect family is proving to be faulty, and the beautiful town they call home is much less than traditional. The deep secrets held by a few could jeopardize the entire town.

This book is Volume 3 of three volumes and contains a different collection of Bible topics than each of the other two volumes. These topics, like the previous topics in the other two volumes, will also allow the reader to easily identify and with little or no effort on their part to commit to memory exactly what God expects of them from within HIS written Word. Although this will not neces School had just let out, and the whole gang was looking forward to a summer of fun, adventure, and mischief.

If Linda played her cards right, she could tag along with her older brother, John, and get in on the action of playing baseball in the old abandoned field down the street or playing kick the can when it got dark. After all, the more the merrier. Someone else was thinking of getting in on th Elephant Crumbs Journal is a God-inspired love book! God talked, I listened, and then I wrote however He used my spirit, my heart, and mind, experiences, and voice, to get His points across.

For example, Father wants us to love each other the same way He loves us. He considers us family regardless of the country we were birthed in, the color of our skin, education, or our financial status. He want From an Armed Robber to a Pastor, the book seeks to highlight the eventualities of a living and personal life-changing testimony of Reverend Gilbert Mutale Mwamba, who became a very dangerous and notorious criminal at the tender age of sixteen while attending his junior secondary school.

The book tells a true story of the power of God to transform the life of a hard-core criminal into a God-fearin Taken aback by Nathanael's enthusiastic outburst, Captain Breth was speechless for several seconds. In the midst of a world that seems, sometimes, to be spinning outof control, a world where we witness unspeakable acts of evil on our TV news, a world full of discord, hatred, and great pain, it is easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless.

It is a fair question to ask, "Is there hope in the midst of a world like ours? Gardenia Lane is a fictional novel that tells of the Lister family's day-to-day life when they move back to a small military town in eastern North Carolina. It is the fourth book in a series about the Lister family. Gardenia Lane continues the story where Gemmy's Dreams ends. The Lister family must make a life in a new neighborhood among unconventional neighbors. Most of them are poor. When the Vow Breaks: A Journey from Hurt to Healing will help singles, separated, dating, engaged, and married couples build better relationships that will enrich their lives.

This book is a complete seven-hour guide for building relationships. This book can also be used in churches as a Bible study tool or a small group setting. We all know that our breath is an essential part for sustaining our existence. But just because it is necessary does not mean that this is the purpose for our breath. The writer shares the meditations of her heart as her one true muse has revealed and inspired her to write. Will life up here really ever be the same? Word travels fast, and the mountain folks are becoming uneasy. Once again, Gary and his dad are caught right in the middle of an enigma.

Gary thought he had faced his biggest fears last summer, but he will have to face new challenges I have pretty much always considered myself a "glass half full" type of person. You have heard the phrase, "I am an optimist. I had no reason not to be. Every plan I had ever had for my life had fallen into place with relative ease. I graduated high school and went straight to college for the major I knew fit me perfectly.

I graduated with high Do you ever stop to think of what that line means in between the date of birth and date of death on a tombstone? How that little dash encompasses all the wonderful miracles, hardships, trials, and blessings a child would go through before he or she returns to the dust.

As a tireless advocate for the improvement of children's lives, Mary R. Shew consulted with elementary and kindergarten teachers in the development of Values from A to Z, a beautifully illustrated, colorful children's book that stresses values, good manners, and respect for others. Mary graduated magna cum laude, Gardner Webb University, with a bachelor's degree in business management, and I discovered that when God spoke to great men in the Bible, they were always seen to be in nature.

Adam and Eve was in the beautiful garden. God spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Abram's promised vision was looking at the stars. Even the beautiful earth foundation stands firm. What is it about nature? We should stay in harmony with the universe. This book is a cry out to all the young ladies who have had trials during their early lives that had not had any guidance on making mature decisions which affected their whole lives. It's never too late to find the right direction as long as you have breath in your body. Don't let your past dictate your future. God gives us all a purpose.

I believe that everyone's purpose is to bear His fr This book gives a clear understanding of the cross and all that happened to the Lord Jesus. Many misconceptions have risen about the true depth of the sufferings of Christ, but the Spirit of God, in his clear revelation through the use of the scriptures, opened our eyes to the cross, revealing all that truly happened to Jesus the Anointed One. It was during these different steps of revelations tha Isaiah is a Jewish spider boy. Who is bored with his life at home and heads out to the "Big City". Who leads him down a road of destruction.

He meets Jesus on that road and the Lord helps Isaiah turn his life around. This book is dedicated to and for the sole purpose of making people evaluate where they stand in their relationship with God: to make them understand that tomorrow is not promised to them; all we know is today. If by some chance they did not wake up in the morning, would they be with the Lord in paradise, or would they be in torment? This is serious business. I want that everyone would be saved No one truly knows the price you have paid to smile like you do. Physical pain and emotional trauma are not your portion in this life even if they have visited you long and often.

You can have victory over the depression and the anxieties of life situations but, there is a cost to strive for it, a price paid to reach so deep and hold on to it once you have it. Have you ever wondered what diabetes does or doesn't do? This book is designed to take you on a journey to introduce the basics of diabetes, share with you the author's real life diabetic experiences, and proclaim that the best way to live with a medical condition is to trust God with your medical health or the health of loved ones Gator Tators is the story of a young boy named Tommy and a baby alligator he named Molly who was abandoned shortly after birth.

Tommy discovers Molly on the end of his crawfish line and realizes that she is in need of food as well as other help. Tommy takes Molly home with him, and she quickly establishes herself as a cherished member of the family and the inseparable playmate of Alex, the family' Abas was born in the sixties. He never knew his name would be the source of his future obstacles. Throughout his childhood, Ethiopia was experiencing a political uprising, and the country was on the verge of war. Through the betrayal of a dear friend, the little boy had to run four hundred miles to the capital to escape his hostility.

There, Abas met many complications to completing the ed This book offers the reader a precise and rare opportunity to explore an extraordinary spiritual experience. It is an introduction into a heavenly event that began with the appearance of an Angel. Most importantly, this is a testament to why the Angel appeared to Rose Mary in the hospital on October 7, What is very distinctive about this book is the author endeavors to convey to the reader a From meeting on the basketball court as teenagers, to becoming the spiritual parents of thousands, Pastors Richard and Emma Butler have proven with their lives that nothing is impossible when you walk with God.

Even when things seemed to be falling apart, the Butlers never gave up; they continued to persevere through the many trials and tribulations that were thrown their way. Just as Job was test Kind Words is the youngest reader's book on teaching positive, healthy communication. Geared for ages five and up, Kind Words explores the difference between words that are kind and helpful and words that are mean and hurtful. The repeated message that "kind words are the glue that help keep us together" supports healthy relationships and respect for each other at an early age. The reader will exp Eva is a young girl who is learning about the love of Christ and who he is.

As Eva learns about God and Scriptures, she can teach other children to relate to the teachings of the word and how they can use it to help them in their everyday lives. This book is about a child demonstrating her love for God through her worship but then is conflicted and questions if God is able to under It is Christmas Eve and Gabriel is eagerly awaiting the excitement morning will bring.

He falls. Chester is enjoying a fun time in the meadow when suddenly he discovers a school. It is there that. She is the new kid on the block. Chester realizes. Will he be successful? Will he "build the bridge"? Readers will cheer. MoMo and Her Bugs was inspired by Jo's first grandson. Thinking of a way to teach her grandchildren about the importance of sharing the love of God was the main goal.

Now with two grandsons in her life, she realized Eli, the oldest, loves bugs, but his little brother Jason did not. With that she began to head out on adventures with them, making up different situations to exercise the compa What does it mean to be a person after God's own heart? Can I be a man or woman after God's own heart? How do I realize that goal? When life happens, how do I respond? Do my reactions to difficult circumstances glorify God?

David responded to trying times by writing psalms to the Lord. Too often, we study either the trying Mervin is a young mouse who is somewhat sheltered because of his age. One day, despite his mom's warning, he decided to go exploring. And the things that he finds in an old church is heartwarming and very inspiring to him, and I hope to you as well! I woke up laughing one morning because Tiki, the miniature horse, was talking to me in my dream. Thus, Tiki became a story. The power of faith and belief is an amazing thing.

As children, we are somehow able to believe that anything is possible, which allows an unseen unlimited power to work on our behalf. However, as we grow and learn we begin to put limits on our faith and belief by believing only those things which we believe are reasonable. When we do this, we also limit the unlimited power that continuously works Milo and his friend Melba are bookworms.

They live in a book on a shelf in Peter's room. It's an old book that hasn't been taken down in many years. Milo likes nothing better than to eat his way through a book. He especially likes long words, words with fancy writing, and bookmarks with pictures of flowers. One day he makes a decision. He would see the world. He would go west, and Melba would go e Pat Skinner is a Christian and was raised with godly values. After coming out of his wild stint, which he calls Pat B. This was in the late s. He began to dig and study to find out what may be behind this.

He discovered it was a spiritual problem coming on strong through the peace movement of the 60s and esca One fun-filled fall day quickly turns into a troublesome one for the LoSanto family. Eight-year-old Jake and six-year-old Todd deeply love and enjoy their gray green-eyed cat, Georgie named for our first president. But Grandma thinks he's a big annoying pain. He disappoints her because she expects him to be a good cat, and he's often mischievous.

Dad, Grandpa, and the boys think he's funny. During my fifteen years of experience with the large health-care system, I witnessed shocking knee-jerk responses to political and media attention placed upon medical facilities during times of unsolicited adversity. It saddens me that physicians and other dedicated employees, many of us Veterans, become targets or scapegoats for many facility political and media inquiries. Do you marvel at the unlikely friendships between animal groups?

Are you mesmerized by YouTube videos displaying a chimpanzee cradling a tiger or a bear snuggling a lion? Bo and Duck Duck are non-fictional characters that inspired a heart-warming children's book that explores their unique friendship. Written in poetry form, this bo One last peak at the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve: They had fresh air, pure water, and ideal climatic conditions.

A perfect diet of fruit and veggies. Everything had just the right exposure to the sun. After all, they were created in the likeness and image Who would think you could meet the man of your dreams in your favorite coffee shop? Well, that is what Zoe Parker wanted to believe. Sometimes being blindsided and being blind aren't exactly the same thing as she struggles to shake him off.

What seems like innocent dating turns to a deadly disease as the man of her dreams starts to become the shadow of her nightmares. And the first man of her drea En este libro aprenderemos sobre el Santo Grial, el camino que nos lleva a Dios, y aprenderemos como Dios juzga a la humanidad, pero al mismo tiempo libera a su hijo, que fue arrastrado a las puertas del infierno y es liberado gracias a la espada del destino.

I am a romantic, and I feel the title blends perfectly with my poems. I bestow all the credit to my mentor and close friend Dan Kranyak. Without his inspiration, they might never have been published. Thank you, Dan. Join us, in the first story of this series of discovering a brand-new way of learning about God and Jesus's dedication, devotion, love, mercy, and grace throughout our lives as the characters learn hard life lessons and learning to weather the storm in their lives and finding out what their true purpose and destiny in Christ, discovering in your own life that everything they have gone through, G My senior year in high school our teacher asked us to write about the events we wanted to remember.

She had a book called Daily Reminder. We thought it was a book with words of wisdom to help us in our daily life. We earned special credits in her class and she would award the book to the student who earned the most points. I was the winner! The book was three hundred and sixty-five blank pages to Have you ever looked up and saw the birds fly through the trees and just thought how amazing it is they can travel that high! From the beginning, God has blessed us with so many wonderful things that every once in a while, we should stop, look around, and enjoy all that he has given to us.

In this story, you and your child will read about some of the incredible things God created. As a Christian, we all have a mission. Also, as a Christian, we should implement purposes in our life. Everything that is made is made for a purpose. To use something other than what it is made for can be disastrous. This book talks about what can and will cause us to lose our mission and purpose.

It also challenges us to allow others to see Christ As I was writing this book, I began to see some sad moments in my story. One being when I talked to the bishop that Tuesday about what I was going through. He told me to come to church on Sunday. We are talking five days later. My heart breaks knowing that he was having a service later that night and again on Friday. I told him with tears pouring down my face that something evil had entered into m Within minutes of giving birth, Sue Latour was told by her pediatrician her baby girl could not possibly survive the night.

The diagnosis was confirmed as certain by a room full of medical experts brought in to assist. Gripped with fear and with seemingly no other options, she turned to God for help. Recognizing the power of words on the hearts of young children, Catherine set out to give the familiar Mother Goose nursery rhymes a Christian twist. The rewritten verses emphasize positive qualities instead of the sometimes-dubious meanings. For example, we remember "Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater. Peter had a wife but couldn't keep her, so he put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he keeps her very Pop star Krysta Evans was the girl who had everything.

She had fame, money, legions of adoring fans around the world, and a gorgeous movie-star boyfriend. But still there was something missing. And she was looking for it in ALL the wrong places. One fateful night, that all changed. She found herself pregnant and alone. Her fame had fleeted, and the This book will take you through a plethora of different emotions as you take a journey with the author on her quest to live a saved life. In fact, quite to the contrary, what you will learn is that the well-known Scripture is true.

Often when we visit with Jesus he shares important thoughts. Generally, from His word, occasionally from the Holy Spirit. We then get very excited and want to share with our circle of ladies. Writing this manuscript, I am doing just that. Everyday becoming more motivated to speak to you about what He told me. My heart knows He led me to these scriptures to encourage us to become the best w Contrary to what we've been told recently, our history is by no means secular. It is rich with the influence of God's hand and God's word. His presence is apparent in the documents of our government, on the memorials we cherish most, in our government buildings, in our art, and in the words and writings of our greatest leaders.

This book was written in layman terms, in order to explain the purpose of the Bible, so that anyone can understand it and not only someone who has studied it. The purpose for this is to express how the Bible and the outcome of your life go Children's children are the crowns of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. Proverbs No one on earth is truly fatherless.

Our Father in heaven has proven his love for us all. We are not forgotten; we are chosen No, life is not fair, but then, God never said it would be. This widow asked, "How did my life ever wind up here? In the beginning, they were called disciples, and the early believers knew what the word meant.

Disciples were those who trusted the Lord, knew His voice, followed Him wherever He led them, and were obedient to everything He told them to do. Then a Roman government official in Antioch invented a new name. He called the disciples in this church, Christianoi. Christian and the identity of dis Inside is a replication of the handwritten notes of John Ulrich, who at the age of fifty-six surrendered to the mission field.

Many times at his own expense, he traveled to foreign lands to tell others about Christ. He loved the Lord and bravely proclaimed it to others. In college he prepared the sketch of a sermon on the Omnipresence of God, which contains this preg- nant sentence : " The mental eye beholds a spirit per- vading this building, and bi-eathing everywhere : that , spirit is God. He was once the proud possessor of a sword-cane. Sunning across a bridge in pursuit of an adversary who had roused his fiery temper by an insult, the sword jumped out of its sheath, feU into the water, and was lost He was glad of it, and for the time renounced his faith in the methods of violence.

By cast of mind, early education, unremitted do- mestic and social influence, the insensible push of events, the youth was predestined to the ministry. The choice of a profeasion was agitated while he waa yet ill college, with something more than the usual formality; for bis dearly remembered father had a lawyer, one of fals uncles was an eminent physicii and one was fast raising literature to the rank of calling.

Bat if there was any wavering, it was slight' and temporary ; the bent was spiritual. His mother's wish was in that direction, as she had perpetually before her eyes the example of her husband's brother William, her standard uf all excellence now that her beloved comr; jtanion was gone. The great man. And again, on August 28th : — William is now approaching the time when he most take I the great step of choosing a profession.

On this point I tliink yon have expressed a wish that he might choose mine. I BhoulJ truly rejoice in this, if his own heart led him to it with aufficieni strength to insure a growing inter- est in it. I consider my profesaiou as almost infinitely sa- cred above all others, when its true nature is understood ftud itA true spirit imbibed. But as it is too often viewed and followed, it seems to me of little worth to him who ex- ercises itt or to those on whom it ought to act.

It requires moral elevaUon of sentiment that the purposes of Christian- ity may be understood ; moral energj-, a spirit of self-sacri- fice, that tliese purposes may he pursued with resolution and power. I do not mean that a young man is to possess these requisites in a great decree at first, bnt he must have the seeds, and give some promise of them ; and if so, I con- sider my calling as leaving all othei-s very, very far behind. But wiien taken up for its respectability, for rejiutation. A year or more was to pass after his graduation be- fore he entered on the stndy of divinity, which was agreed on.

Whatever he may think of himself, he waoU more robustness to meet the dcmaniU of his profession. I think a sciiool u not the place 1. I kept school a year and a half, and persisted in joining study with my daily work, and I have not regained to this day what I lost. Now a year given up to an occupation which will add no rigor to the body and will do very little for the mind seems to me a great sacrifice ; not too great, if duty calls him to it, bat does the call exist?

As to his expenses, I shall be glad to take any part which may be needed. In doing this, I trust I shaU lay on him no painful feeling of obligation. If I should, it would be better for him to labor for himself. I wish him, however, to feci that in the little I have done for him I liave considered myself as the privileged person. To aid a yonng man of William's character, even if a stranger, in fitting himself for a useful and honorable course, would be to me a great gratification. In his case. I have had the additional happiness of affection, and will add.

J live in the expectation of not living long. Should 1 be taken, there are services which William can then render me more effectually, perhaps, than any one else. I should esteem his friendship for my sou a great blessing. There is no record of school-keeping, but timation that the youth joumDved for health.

Phila- delphia is a] oken of in connection with him. He was more or less delicate in constitution all Ms life. It shows what power tniud haa over body. Your danger is from loving too much the easier paths of knowledge. You must work your way through the rougher. Truth, truth, is of Inilnite price, And as yet we all bold it mixed up with deplorable error ; and although a moral preparation for it is of primary im- portance, yet I expect htUe from this unless joined with force and concentration of tliought. And again, touching on another point which was afterwards destined to be vital in his nephew's min- istry, he says, in a letter to him from St.

I thought there wjis more of the old-fashioned aristocracy in that rity, that birth weighed more than money. I am glad that you feel so distinctly and strongly the degraded con- ditiou of what are called the highest classes. Amidst some refinements of manners they are so wanting in refinement and elevation of sentiment, in perceptian of spiritual excel- lence, and in the consriousness of their solemn obligations to the less favored classes of society-, that it is time for the friends and ministers of enlightened religion, laying aside oqaally all flattery and all bitterness, to seek their refor- nalioB fay every lastrument of persuasion, reasoning, and 62 WILLIAM BENRY C FANNING.

I hope yoa will make tic promise with wickedness in high places. There it trenched, and thence s pestilential influence spread: through the whole iiiiws, I write too fast to weigh my words, but I am nut in a cynical fit. It is significant that this passage was among t1 marked for quotation in the memoir of Dr. Cbanning, published in , the period of the nephew's early socialistic fervur. For the rest, he seems to have en- joyed Philadelphia. He writes to hia mother, among other things : — You sny I never mention Mr.

(PDF) Glossary of Literary Terms by MH Abrams (Seventh Edition) | Sandeep Sharma -

I am sur- prieed I have not. Skinner and several oth- ers, but prefer bim to ihem all. He la very much admired here, and justly. In the year he must have begun the study of divinity in serious earnest. With him it was serioua earnest indeed. There were few hotirs wasted in idleness or gossip. Mis industry was incessant, if we may judge from the results that we are permitted to see. Andrews Norton expounded the New Testa- ment ; Dr. The evidences of Chris- tianity, the genidncness and authenticity of the Gos els, were exhaustively conaidereJ, according to the light of those days.

Fundamental questions in ethics and religion were rmsed and answered. There are long treatises on Evil, on Immortality, on Chris- tianity. There are many pages of biblical criticism proving his acquaintance with texts and comment. There is a dialogue of fifty-two pages between a Christian and a skeptic, in which, of eour. These performances would seem antiquated now when the conditions of discus- sion have so much changed, but they show remark- able industry and a determination to cultivate the whole intellectual nature. Nothing is more striking than the association of absolute mental freedom with profound spiritual conviction.

Perhaps the very in- tensity of this conviciion rendered perfect liberty pos- aible. We see in the Protestant mystics of Ger- tnanr the same independence of intellectual restraint. They who feel sure of the subatance can afford yield details. Chauning waa a UDitarian, but the style of Norton and Palfrey, in which a larga amount of philosophy aad literature was mixed up with biblical theology. He was a Unitarian mainly because he believed tliat Uuitarianism was the purest, highest, moat apiiitual form of Christianity. He was thoroughly convinced of the paternal cha; of God and tlie uioral possibilities of man.

The ligion was full of hope. It stimulated every enei It was vitally concerned in the progress of the It was the soul of all reform. It was closely asso- ciated in his mind with socisd and political improve ment, with the elevation of the individual and of the mass. In his interpretation of the parable of the laboi-ers in the vineyard, the first called being the Jews and the last called the Gentiles, who received as much aa the children of Abraham, though of later election, be struck on the trail of F.

C Baur, the leader of the Tubingen School ; but this, apparently, was a mere coincidence, not a clue to be followed to the end. Otherwise he was rather conventional, as when he ac- cepted the received accounts of the deaths of infidels. His faith in spiritual truths was so strong that he conld not conceive of any denial of them without moral suffering in the hour of weakness.

His com- plaint of Unitarianism was that it lent itself too read- ily to prosaic treatment, but his appreciation of its possibilities was so warm that he easily exalted it to the rank of an ideal system. Kllutir Bunple doctrmes a revelation of: 1. Again : — Tho pecaliar ground of TTnitoriaus. Their respect for man's nature, their confidence in God'a unbounded iree mercy.

Not by terror and denunciation and reproof, not by harrowing and tormenting, but by awakening hope, a love of goodnesS by sympathy and love, by a feeling of real equality and fellowslup ; never despairing, despising, insolting, extemiinnting all the worst and the best, the ignorant and Ibe learned. A few quotations from his Diary while in the Theo- logical School give the drift of his thought : — The things unseen are eternsL Ought we to think much of the futuia eternal, — what it will be?

Its good is a present good perfected. It will be a present at some time. Shall we then, too. The good in the spiritual present is the unseen elemaL Self-sacrifice a proof of immortality, for it is to prevent lying in the spiritual part of us tljat we lose the bodily ppart. It is prnof of a power in us stronger than death. We should long for honor, respect, but not for distinction. It is the must sublime of thoughts that so many souls are here attaining great elevation of principle and sentiment, unknown, unnoticed. Heaven is a republic ; no one seeks prop himself there on the shoulders of others.

No one idgea of his eminence by his superiority. Willingness to be utu ticed, not indifference to respect and love, — how have one without the other? We cannot will to be BO and become so. We cannot have a magic wand and rtuse the temple. It must be builL The habits, associations, tastes, of a good mind are gradual and insensi- ble.

We are conscious of a void which no force can fill, of a want of readiness to sympathise with, detect, feel, appre- ciate worth, — want of delicacy, of quickness in our percep- tions and emodoDS. There is not peace. It is well to have responsibilities. If necessary, assume them. If you are ever going to be anything, you must take them sooner or later. If you get into the habit now, well for you. If will give you readiness and decision self.

We cannot imagine what consequences might ensue. Each duty performed necessarily opens the opijortnnity for future dutj-, every one neglected bars our entrance. We do not, cannot, see bow in full. There is a divine harmony, an adapttveness of moral discipline, a yielding, an ebb and flow, in moral circumstances which insensibly meets the exact wants of each individual. But, in addition, its influence upon others' opinion ot as we can see.

A re- membered duty is a straw, at least, to pluck at when we are sinking in despair. Perhaps what seems a strnw may be a cord. Why should not Right be the supreme power in the uni- verse as well as Love? Love can communicate oaly good. The high- est good which love can bestow is rectitude ; n whole new order of emotions both to oar! Love amalgamates and absorbs. EUght gives individuality. But it is the con- dition of follness of love that it should be discriminating. Still we are unprofitable servants. Do your utmost, and then do more.

But not wildly, not desultorily ; steadily and wisely ; judiciously, not passionately ; with sober con- viction, not vnth headlong impulse. There is no true reverence in throwing ourselves upon the Almighty. Seek faith by virtue. He will be faithfo] to yon 1 aid you more than you dare ask or think. Religion never was intended to be a luxury any more than friendship. Our sublime privilege is to have tliese relations and feelings towanis the Infinite One.

But we must win His regard, we must wish His approval, not be- cause He is the arbiter of our lot, but because He is so truly great and good. We can win this regard only as we win the respect of gooil men, by steadiness of virtuous endeavor, not by indulgence of feeling. Deceive not tliyself by the hope of doing something in different circumstances and a future time.

Now and here ket out, and thus perfect, the nascent power in your soul.

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  4. FPGA Prototyping By Verilog Examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 Version.

IMtficiilty is something tu be met. It ia our vpjiortonity fur self-elevation, as danger was an opportunity to the knight of honor. We cannot excuse ourselves by the plea of unfitness, being greater than we could hear, etc. Do your utmost is the rule.

The rest is comparatively nothing. A great deal is gained, and gained forever, to yourself and the whole moral universe if yon have been faithful. There are three constituent elements of our spiritudJ being; they must work together: intellect, affections, will J truth, love, duty ; reason, propriety, prudence. Not all the knowledge in the world will make us either affectionate or upright.

Active exercise of the affections and will caqj alone do this. Each o faithful, is God's common friend, a prophet. Jesus was n allowed to see tlie full sublime result of hia ministry. The only true glory is to be the instrument of God, oM and a part of this grand machinery.

Be good, self-oncon- sdous, disinterested. There is nothing liidden that shall not be known. Even supposing no higher motive tl self-interest, in the long run we must be made known. God cannot be flattered. The only way to win His favor is by manliness. Never wta there a prayer for aid so ela- qttent as coarage. He liaA gone to his fathers, to join the groat, the learned the good, the friends who have passed away.

Every event is but an expression of some eternal laW is the result of an infinite chain of causes, is fraught with momentous consequences. This mortal Bball put on immortality, this corruptible shall put on Incorruption. The same nature to be trans- mitted. Onr happiness is the agreeable emotion of any Why. Wc Me a moral evil which is nut sin. Our definition of poniaUment is different. We see suffering which b not penalty. Our definidun of death h dlSerent. We suppose it refers to the loss of moral light, life, simplicity, truth, and energy, not tlic corporeal dissolution.

The true worship is obedienc-e, health, wisdom, sjTapatby, conscientious energy. The value of institntions is tliat they are rallying points, strongholds, memorials, Btoudards, landmarks, guides.

Outside Shooter: A Memoir

The efficacy of prayer la a mysterious thing. God, it is said, will do what is for the best without our praying. Yes, hut is it not plain that what might be best without our pray- ing may not be best after we have prayed? Whether for oui- selves or others, it iutruduces a new element. It may lit us more for receiving benefit.

It will seem to be through the operation of natural power, through our common affections. The perfection of temper 'a the union of love with reason, of free impulse with perfect control, — possibie though dif- ficult. It looks at once upward to God and round on men. It is full of wisdom, sympathy, and elficiency. Jesus is the model. Kpiritual freedom is a niystprious thing. Itu the Huly Si t alwaii when we resolTe to i] pleadLsg with us, taking occasion of the events of Ufa to warm and animate us. Yet we must be willing, must yield to it, obej it.

It does not force us. I differ imm the Oal- vinista only in thinking that this grace is continual, that man can open his heart to it at any time, that it will not effectual without his cooperation.

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Go ye into all nations and preach the gospel to ev creature. Ves, great philanthropist, universal friend, finite benefactor, self-sacriiicer, saviour, example, preach every creature, the ignorant and learned, the good and bad, the gospel: glad tidings of a Father, of a way to be rei ciled to Hlni, of a. Phrenology, lists of books on mytbology, studies on the early heretics, on the Gnostics, on the Fathers, a refutation of Hume, — all acute, couscien- tiouB, learned, aometimea original and striking, never indifferent or careless.

He was ever in earnest, ever thinking, meditating. A few ex- tracts from papers prepared in the Theological School are necessary as ehowing the native transcendental ism of his mind. Bat there is an obvious fallacy in such reasoning. Ctrcunis'iinceg have rendered ex- coMhle what would now be atrocious, etc.

If Omniscience in ita wide survey uf nniversal and eternal relations permits what seems a good to prove an evil, it is well. Faith tells ns tlut nothing in tlie created universe is lawless or discrepant: the stonn and the sunshine are the result of far-reaching, midtiplied, and complex causes in the moral as in the phys- ical nniverse ; the ultimate welt-being of the whole is the end.

Tlie will of Providence is the law of change and progress. But let him remember evil was chonen, not as evil, but as gooil, and it was only because so chosen it bae produced its bene6tB. Let him, tben, never hypocritically and with presiiraptuoas policy dare to disobey the great moral law of aiming at gooil. If war is necessary, it will come.

Doty calls on him to do all he con to prevent it. So with private and personal sins. It is singular that a man shoold ever have made the distinction between himself and a brute to be that the lat- ter was guided by instinct. All that is roost noble in man is instinctive. Tlie iinjiukes of the heart a inBtinclive. What is the demand- ing a cause ade uate to an effect but an intellectnal i stinct?

Wliat is a perception of beauty but a The principles of taste are all instinctive. I think the will different in different individuals, differ- ent at different seasona of life ; of course subject to cir- cumstancca and capable of edacation. It ia that part erf '1 our nature of which experience la the aliment and nutt4- tnent, and its own action tlie soorce of growth and strength. It is that part of our nature which makes truly moral heingB ; the education of which is tlie puqiose of our pres- ent life, its actions, joys, and sufferings.

It is not alons our whole selves ; it is alone nothing, but is interwoven with our whole nature — growing with tt, yet fashioning it, exerting a reciprocal influence, the source of life, thft. There is, tl a philosophy of Man. I look at a globe, and I perceive it is round. I look I a box, and I perceive it is square. Now the ideas of a ci and a parallelogram may be awakened in my mind, otV those of a sphere and a cube.

But it is quite evident that the sight of these material objects was the occasion, not the cause, of these ideas ; that the properties of a square, or a cube, or a circle, or a sphere, are not perceived, but are recognized in tlie reason. These properties exist only in reason, and in their essence are spirituaL They might have Arisen without the objects in which these ideu are now net?

A cir- cle can never be unytliitig but a circle. Because the law of this circle is BpiHcoat, is reason, and is just ta etentaJ in its nature. It is necessary to provide food and raiment for thenuelves and natural dependents. It common language ascribe to outward diangea gcnce, power, will, purpose. I am mu every mind all names for existing objects are not in some way personified. The child attribuUa moral emotions to the wind. He starts with his theory of ideas and impressions, and tries tog Bijuare everything to it.

What b gravitation but the agency of Deity? It is not merely juxtaposition, which changes the apparent qualities of bod- ies. There is a change in themselves : yes, even in the primitive atoms of matter. The wind b air m motion ; cold is uothing real, but negative ; thia wind is deficient in heat. What is heat? Nobody knows whether It is anything real, or merely a law of mo- tioQ or position. Water is kept fluid by this heat ; heat escapes, aud the crystal shoots, ckU by certain priaciplesi bat what principles?

But wlmt is water? Matter in par- ticular juxtaposition and relation. Tou find in it tlie some gates which the stone is composed of, or llie tree, or the animal. Wliat makes it water? Again some inherent, living law. There is nothing so solid that it might not be volatilized in such a manner that no human sense could detect its presence. All is mystery. Great Creator, we feel Thy presence though we see Thee not ; our heart and our conscience prophesy to us of thine infinity, but Uie eye of the understanding cjumot perceive the ever-present divinity.

It is qnite evident tliat in most actions the strongest motive decides our condoct. If mutives make the man and not the roan the motives, there is evidently, I say, no re- sponsibility. A man is no more to be blamed for yielding to some strong, swelling passion than the bank of a canal is for sinking before the pressure of the water, unless he has had something to do with the increase of that passion, either directly by opening the fountains that feed it, or not checking the tlioiwand streams that circumstance poured into it.

Bat how Ims he been instrumental? He no mure originated the pnsaion in the first place than he does now. It is BpuntaneoOB and inherent. But why ohould he hare withstood it? And the " why " implies a, motive. That motive was some im- pulse which lie knew by an instinct as sure as that by which he knows sweet from bitter, and knows tliat one is mora pleasant than the other ; which he knows, I say, to be a higher, a nobler, a more worthy impulse.

But it is equally an undeniable fact tJtat in pro- poilion as he has been in the habit of withstanding or yielding to the passion, so will be the proportion of effort necessary now to witlistand it. In proportion as otlier higher motives in the conscience and the judgment, as purer feelings in the heart and distinctcr conceptions in the undemtanding, are at hand to prop him up and sap- port, BO will be the ease with which he will stand while the fierce tide uf temptation lashes itself into peace.

In early years there is differencre both in the strength of temptation, in the power of resistance, in the perception of guilt, in the motives to do and the motives lu withliuUI. And habit is probably first formed not sinfully but carelessly and igno- rantly. Afterwards comes experience to strengUit judgment, higher impulses to work and direct; cam and reason are loosed from the film which shrouded thi vision. We have a will, whose natural sovereign science, and, however niysterions, we all feel ourselves Bponsible, not merely by education, tradition, nsage, public opinion, but instinctively and in our he.

Where GmI is there is heaven, and God is everywhere. The first love ol a child is an opening avenue to heaven. Its earliest joyout impulses, its inward longings, its growth of spiiit, its warm wide interests are heaven. And as we pass on through life, eveiy thought of punty, every upright purpose, every The infinite oniverse is heaven to tlie apiritontly nunded.

The only intelligence, power, love, we can imagine are like oar own. We are never allowed to see anything supernatural in the course of events. God acts through natural laws in thi'ir natural operation. God is all truth, all order, nil good. Providence is acting throngh good everywhere. We cannot believe that Goil is far away, forgetful, indif- ferent. If He does not act, it is best Be should not.

Piety is often a morbid sentiment, engrossing and dela- eive. Il ia not absorb- ing, but enlarging. It gives an interest in all, a BetiBibilit]r to all goud, a judgment and soundness of reason, an efB- ciency and ] rudeni:e in action. It loves God in his works ; it Bees Him in all lieauly and excellence. God liita no pentonal love of affection and honor except as He is the all worthy ; and affeetion and honor for Him is the source of spiritual life to his children.

It is the tendency of Unitarian opinions to make devo- tion a practical sentiment i to connect religion with sociitl duties and all the labors of life ; to give respect, sympathy, hope for man, a patient resignation and adoring in God. We speak of the tendency of Unilaiiani meaning sometliing different from its professed aim, canse all religions in the professed end of life must coincide.

There is not niuoh distance, after all, between these Bentimenfcj of the youth of twenty-two and those of the man of seventy. The experience of years will expbiin it all. Here is the freedotn, the enthusiasm, the aspiration. Here is the idea of social regenera- tion, of free and universal religion, of Christianity aa the faith of progress, of Christ as the inspjrer, of God as the father of all men. Here is tlie andog- matic, uneeclesiastical temper, the warm, large sym- pathy with thinking of opposite schools, the hopeful- ness that grew more and more triumphant as time went on ; and here, we may add, is the invincible idealism that insisted on seeing a divine Bide to hu- man life, that found in all evil universal and premed- itated good.

This too was a conviction. It would not be fair to quote passages from the pages upon pages of self - depreciation that fill the earlier diaries of college life, but neither would it be fair to omit mention of a quality which distin- guished him all through his career. Though pro- phetic in the assurance of his utterance, bold in the expression of his convictions, joyous in his anticipa- tions of good, he was personally distrustful.

His confidence was in the truth, not in himself as the proclaiiner of it. He knew he had talents, but be aimed at placing them entirely at the service of the Eternal. His misgivings seem to have been spiritual rather than critieal. At this time the problem of negro slavery was much discussed, though the agitation had by no means be- come wide. The young man, though bitterly preju- diced against the Abolitionists and their methods, made it the subject of earnest thought, as the follow- ing papers attest.

They are without date, but belong to the period between and What can be done. Colonize ihera. Free them here. Form a state of them. Keep them in slaTery till they rebel ; then 5. Exterminate them. To free them here would be in the first instance destructive to theni and to others. PrieoiiB filled, houses guarded, war in peace. They conid live only by pillage, without lands, without occupation. This if they were freed unconditionally. They would not remain as tenants. But even if they would, wliat is to be the future condition of the free blacks P Con wo conitent to their remaining an inferior caste?

Yet this would happen, however gradually they were freed. Im- mediMe abolition ont of the qaestion from mercy to all and jostice to nil. Gradual emancipation, for them to renuun an ongns, nut of the question, if they are still to remain an inferior csate. Now this last b certainly not desirable. Colonization U doubtful. To fomd them into a poljlioal state difficult.

Must be gradual. Difficult to make tbe macten assent to it. C iiie3ce in and forward it. Difficult to preserve them in it. Are we to wait for Prov- idence? Its call will never come to us directly. It will manifest itself only in the minds of men. Does not Providence act through o minds? This shows reflection and interest, to say the least J The alternatives : Colonization, impossible.

Forminj a state, doubtful. Aboli- tion. Is anything to be done? To obtain light, giun knowledge, form opinions, digest plans, prepare funds, gain friends. We can do nothing without tlie aid of the slave- owners. Will they come to con- sider it themselves? Shall we interfere and delay tba time? Shall we produce a separation? Advantage of so- cieties to attract attention, interest reasonable men. Danger, that practical and zealous men will wish to do something.

Patience necessary to do away iha i I I idea of property. HubstituU that of guardianBhip. Is slavery to be perpetual? The lime. The cost. The destruction of life, i. The claim of the laboring doss. The right to put them into Af- rica. The probability, the number, impracticable. What then? Settle in the SoutJi? Danger of insurrection. Are the Southerners any nearer to it now than before? Is there hope? Legally, by police measures ; gradually ; education ; individual effort ; general movement.

Ought you to think of it? Then first their cooperation. We to persuade and convince. To show eorae feasible scheme, that it is for the interest of both pap- ties. To aati-Hfy them ihe blacks are men. By intimidalion? By denunciation? By ad- dress to feelings? Have we a right to interfere by moral means?

Yet, anywhere and everywhere ; not only right, but duty, when- ever we can be of service : but here reaUy we have a stake, an interest, commercially, politit'ally. Then is it expe- dient? Are they the best judges? Self-interest, religion. They cloee their eyes to it. Yet this ia not wholly troe. Liability to disunion not more than to continue. Opposite interests uievitable. Give them your name. Surprisingly little interest. Not excitement.

Calm, deep, eolen question. Sympathy with tLe Bliive. What can '. Sympathy with the slave. Wliat ia meant by immediate abolitioD? The defense of slavery as a perpetuity. Immediately to devise meam to accomplish the speedy, universal, and safest abolition. To abate at once the evils. To place the slaves under law. To grant them certain rights. Gradual Emancipation Society in Kentucky. No interference in legislation, no use of force. Muzzcy, Charles T. Brooks, Frederick H. Hedge, John Owen, John Livennore.

The object was to give effect to the antislavery sentiment of the community. There was a strong aversion methods of Garrison and his companions, and Mr. Ware wrote a letter, printetl in the " Life " of Gar- rison I. Thisf may be so ; it was. Ware's own concept tion of it. But two of the members assure me thai such was not the avowed purpose when they signed.

Ware was one of its originators ; Mr. It is not probable that the design went so far as Mr. Channing aftem'ards approved, but it was bold then, and although behind the opinions of leading Aboli- tioniats, was in advance of the general feeling. Garrison did not take up his position of " No Union with Slave-holders " till nearly ten years later. The efforts to extend the slave dotninion were not made before , so that this movement deserves to be placed among the earliest that strove to awaken the general intelligence in regard to this iniquity.

There are several references to the Abolitionists, who seemed to him then mischief-makers, doing more harm than good to the cause. Child made him an anti- colonization ist in While at the Divinity School he wrote a paper on the means of removing slavery, of which that portion only relating to oolo- nizatiou is preserved.

This is thorough and earnest. He sees plainly tlio weak points of the movement, bow it plays into the hands of tlie slave-holders, how superficial its action is ; and while he concedes its good faith, has no hope of it as a way of deliverance from the curse of bomUge. His letters from there, gay. Tyng, bnt Ma work ob student of divinity ia not alludud to. The life of a theological student is peculiar in respeut, that it does not serve as a preparation for career which is to follow.

TJ views of religion are speculative, Christianity pi sents its ideal side. Hnman beings are diseinhod and are moralized on as the objects of a supernatural influence. It seems a wouder that the world is uut converted, so reasonable are the arguments, so invin- cible are the ideas. The kingdom of heaven hovers in the air, waiting to descend, and all that people need is to see it in its beauty, in onler to welcome it eagerly.

In a Unitarian school the dream is a bright vision of the morning. The gospel is glad tidings in- deed, of great joy. The divine message of peace and good-will shines with beneficence. The earnestness of the old di" putants is conceded; the essential unity of convicti b maintained. He could never be an angry diBputant who felt deeply the life-giving energy, the cheer- ing consolations of his cherished faith.

Free inquiry is a valley of darkness and stumbling, and the most shud- der to pass through it alone. At that time great interest was felt by the messen- gers of the new faitli in tLe West. Tlie cry was about the spiritual wants of that region, and young men, with fresh enthusiasm, were convinced fiat Unitari- anism, the broadest version of Christianity, the purest, freest, most ideal system of religion, would come to its full proportions only in the wide reaches of the.

The new creed, it was urged, required for its development a new expanse. The East, such was the impression, was narrow, prejudiced, cramp- ing, committed to old ideas, old methods, old tradi- tions, old ecclesiastical and theological standards. Tha genius of liberal Christianity demanded an untram- meled humanity, original, independent, looking to the future.

The doi'trines were all encouraging, stimulat- ing, cheerful. Animated by such anticipations of glory, a little knot of men at Cambridge resolved, when their course of theological study was over, that they would go fac away from New England. Eliot went to St. Louis, and Clarke to LonisviUe, but Cbanning stayed at home. Sailed reason was a sense of duty to his mother and sister, in whose happiness he was bound up, and who were unwilling he should go far off unless he felt a strong impulse to do so, as he did not.

Ue was self- distrustful, wavering in purpose, conscious of imper- fect faith ; too little moved by emotion, faint-hearted, intellectuaL Hia iucUuatioo to remain in or about. Boston was confirmed by his uncle William, who j wrote bo his mother under date of April 10, 1 I have little fear about William. He is fnithful to hia principles, has a generous standard, and will put himself forth wherever he is. Yon think that he grows ralhei alowly.

That is not a bad sign. It prombea a longer, surer growth. I incline that he should begin his laliom nearer home, because it seems to nie that he has a mind I which wUl he more understood and which will work more naturally in a state of society somewhat cultivated than at the West.

I think, too, that exjierience, mature judgment, is more needed in new than in old settlements. Slill I would say to Williuin, if no sphere of usefulness opened near hiime, go abroad, and the result might prove that the difficulties I have named arc the best discipline for him. I am not, however, willing to send him abroad without some necessity or some plain call of Providence.

I incline that he should make a trial at Brattle Street As to his success I am doubt- ful, nor am I at all anxious that he should succeed. But should he suit that people, 1 think he will do them good and be as happy as he ought to be. William will make no greater efforts at first than he can sustain, so that there win ba no disappuiuUnent of expectation.

It is the peculiarity of our profeasion that all our duties come at once on a young man. He cannot creep into them gradually, as a young lawyer and physician do into theirs. This has its compensation, however. A spring is sometimes given to the mind, for which it b the better ever after. But no cHvine call seot liim in any direction. After preaching in a few towns, the decision lay between two places, the society at the " North End " Hanover Street and that meeting in Brattle Street. The former he left to his classmate Chandler Robbins, who pleased the people, and later accepted a unanimous invitation to become their tnioister.

The latter he was liltle drawn to, as the people were little drawn to hiin. They are simple, direct, persuasive, upon spiritual themes without exception, and entirely free from moral exaggeration. It is wonderful that they did not charm congregations. Perhaps they did. It is possible that an instinctive dread of routine and oon- finement, a desire for fresh air, determined him not to respond to any overtures from Boston. The following extracts from a letter to Mr. In October I am to preach again at Brattle Street, and in the event of their being pleased with my services I have determined to go there for a year on trial.

It is not improbable that you may soon bear of me na atatioDed for six months or a year in some of our neighboring towns. I cannot even express what I feel with any force. I grumble at being forced to develop what 1 bft- liere to be true in the prineiple. I get sick to death of my work before it is half commenced, and when it is done have no faith that it will do any good. All seems so weak in conception, iti illustration, in conclusion, so cold, so barren. I do but imagine, not feel them. Yet I am thank- ful I can say.

He tells the same friend, October 26th : — At present I am in a melancholy mood. You prophesied rightly that I should not be a popular preacher. Bat it is a fault of mind, not of expression or manner. I hare lived too long in mere abstractions. Persons have and DDght to have little sympathy with my disquisitions. I shall mend as 1 come more among living men. My heart tells me I am capable of something better, and, God willing, that something shall not be always latent.

The bright- est prospect is that of freedom from the whole biLsiness. Where I shaJl be I do not know. He haa the warmest praises for other men, Clarke, Bobbins, Eliot, but nothing save condemnation for himself. In January, , he avows himself a con- vert to spiritual Cliriatianity ; pronounces a eidogj' on Unitariaiiism ; predicts its future success ; is ready to devote his energies to its diffusion ; declares that the gloom of doubt has passed away, In the spring of he alt but resolves to ab: don bis profession.

His cousin and intimate compai ion, James H. It has made aad to bear of his detemiinatJon, because it will bitterly appoint bis mother, who has no other son, as well other friends, and worse still will cast him loose and aimleai upon the world at an age when he should he independent, without means of support and without employment. I know from experience how withering his struggles most be ; the agony that comes from a want of confidence in one's own powers and virtue is the worst agony tbat man ever feels.

When 1 begin to doubt my own worthiness it is hke the rloud of death, — all my powers, all my hopes wither, and the presence of Death himself would be a blessing to me. Perkins feared. Chaaoiitg writes to the mother on March 24th: — I received a letter from William at New York in a tone of despondence.

He ouglit not to yield to them. He ought not to be discouraged. He has not made sufficient ti'ial le author- ize on immediate decision. I hope to hear from him. I went on to Waahington, and drowned all recollection in political enthusiasm. There was need, indeed, of its henling, purifying spirit ; there was need it should be preached in words of flame, to kindle all hearts. Could T, could I ever be worthy to bear its messages te these self-destroyers, these madmen, these blind guides, these slaves!

Then followii a rapturous dcscriptioD of the sub- stance of the gospel, of the nobleness of the preach- er's calling, of the need of self-devotion and human- ity, of his own purposes as a spiritual reformer and social deliverer. He ia going to the West to de- velop his affections, increase his energy, stimulate hi will.

Henceforth tliere is uo turning baok. His first essay was at Meadville, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Herman John Harm Jan Huidekoper, an euterprbing and large-minded niau from HoUaud, had established himself as agent of the Holland Company, with his family, consisting of his three sons, and two daughters, one of whom aft wards became Mrs.

Clarke, and was doing his to spread "liberal " principles. The Unitarians were few and not rich ; there no meeting-house; services were held in the court- house ; and a good deal of self-denial was imposed, in one way and another, on the representatives of the new creed. But this was rather attractive to t1 young enthusiast, who was thus encouraged to indulj his imagination.

Kverytbiug was full of promi and the beauty of spring. The joomey thither toper, [land. Tlie woods are in perfect state. Here fiom the yellow- green of tender leaves the firs lifted their dark spires, and there the oaks shaded the bright foliage with their ruEset ; and the half-covered forest spread its web against the sky upon a hill top.

Add to this the sloping fields in liveliest verdure, the craggy battlements whose clumps of brush- wood had made their hold, the glassy waves that run along the fields of grain, the shadows sliding down the monntain sides, the spots of light on hill and valley, the lines of molten gold upon the waters, — drink in this beauty through your eyes, then look np, up, forever, be- tween those fleecy openings into the blue depths, bathe yoatseU in the pure, warm air.

Prom Schenectady to Ithaca he goes by canal-boat. I tauk it for granted they were all aboard, and whistled along through a keen air, my tlioughti hovering between tho green fields around me and some sunny little rooms at Cambiidge. Then came the delightful rough and tumble of unpacking which you can remember or imagine.

Puff- ing and blowing, hot and hniried, we go on hoard our lit- tle packet, where all is qujet as the Sabbath. Delightful is the change from the noise and rush of the railroad to the equable motion and the slight gurgle of water in the canal. You see at once that all are content in tliis small sphere ; no dignified, genteel servants as in the steamboats, to sthame you by their superior cultivation, but one solitary son of Africa, who wears a yeoman-like simplicity ; no hastf captain waiting in his box of state for the passengers whom the little bell and shrill cry summon to pay iheir fare, a plain, quiet man opens the desk which stands on the hogany table with a green cloth, in the centre of the cabi and politely inquires, " Are you Mr.

Small or Short" Nojl sir; Mr. Cer- tainly : and so your bill is produced, inspected, received, change returned, and your natne is entered for a berth. The same tranquil aiv hovers over everything. The chambermaid steals in and out with a fellow-feeling, aspect, and manner, the cook occasionally shows himself with a benevolent satisfaction irradiating his dusky visage. Then the cabin u CMty ; old und young ladlea and gentlemen meet together, ait on the some benches, lean on the eame table, look at eacli otLer, nay notlilng. The canal-boat is the leveler tip. On a shelf ui one corner are ranged a few bouks, and you take them down and read a little and lay them aside again.

You feel leisurely and good-natured, snd Ihtrn the tramp of the slow pacers on the deck above you beats time fur your thoughts, and you have a tortoise- like confidence that give as time and we shall get along nicely. I do not know whether 1 have been successful in making the pleasant laziness which traveling not inspired exactly, butj wrapped me in. I should opine, however, that if you desired to take a dose of Tophet eiqwrience a canal- twat in midsummer would be tlie best mode possible.

We have incidents, too. First the constantly recurring one of " bridge," in the unintelligible lingo of the steersman, gives yoD notice to sprawl on the not quaker-clean deck, and there is a pletuant excitement in jumping, whether your own or yonr neighbor's head will take leave or whether your coat will be carried from your back. At all events you have the latent activity of knowing that every now and then you must do something. You win the cheap luinry of standing up by lying down, and learn for tlie first time what a pleasore it is not to he a son of Anak rubbing your top-knot agtunst the clouds.

And finally, last, rest, and once for all, the great incident of stowing away so many human bodies in layers three deep. The captain like R general counts his forces, surreys them, first come first served the rule. Channing, 21, middle. The pen of a Cervantes would he needed to descrilje the ensuing act of the drama. The grand catastrophe is the crawling out the next morning. But before this blissful consummation for recollect, the spirits of fever and ague lurk about the cabin, ready to pounce upon the unlucky wretch, who pokes his nose for fresh air into the fog, tangible and solid which broods over the walls of our Calcutta Black Hole, therefore he must dream of the frosty Caucasus and tnuon- beams, and forget the atmosphere of ninety and caudles with tlieir towering wicks, black smoke, and running tal- low , before this blissful consummation of exhuming your- self the nect morning, yon fall asleep.

Suddenly you gtaK like Clarence, with the noise of many waters in your ears. Bobble, bubble, as if all the seething pots had united in chorus. Rush, dash, spatter, play the Then comes a Ihump, then a crunching sou were masticating your boat for a supper.