Learning regional innovation: Scandinavian models

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Finland & Education: The Nordic Model with Sam Abrams and Linda Liukas

International Journal of Action Research 6 1 , , The Handbook of Action Research. London: Sage Publications, , Journal of the Knowledge Economy 2 4 , , International Journal of Action Research 5 3 , , International Journal of Action Research 2 3 , , International Journal of Action Research 10 1 , , Development Coalitions in Working Life.

Amsterdam, John Benjamins 6, , The result is that there is a public library in almost every municipality in the Nordic countries. These libraries welcome everyone and there is no requirement for library users. As segregation increases in all Nordic countries, this arena is becoming increasingly important.

Advancing the Next System with Advanced Manufacturing

But of course, even the Scandinavian libraries had their cutbacks as well. There are two major trends in library management and planning to cope with the closing of libraries in Scandinavia. The first trend is using volunteers to keep the libraries open, especially in rural areas. Volunteers are also used in libraries when it comes to serving the public with the help of computers and smartphones, helping kids with their homework and refugees with language education.

The other trend is having the library remain open for their users after the staff has left the library for the day. In a way, this is giving back the library setting to the library owners — trusting the public in the local area.

Why Scandinavian schools are superior (and what we can learn)

I guess that having a mindset with a focus on libraries being a place for teaching literacy in an all digitized world and using the physical library with different kinds of media in combination with the skills of the staff can be a start. And of course, the focus on children and underprivileged parts of the society. Earlier this year, the board members of the Nordic National Library Associations made a joint presentation on the importance of the modern library for society and democracy at the Nordic Cultural Political Summit.

They identified three areas where the inherent strength of libraries can contribute to open, innovative and sustainable societies:. Emphasize the role of libraries as a democratic arena with free access to information, source criticism and guidance by trained librarians. Libraries are a resource in terms of digital skills and development. A well-balanced copyright is important for both participation and artistic creation. The library is an open space where everyone can meet and participate.

Advancing the Next System with Advanced Manufacturing

Reading is a vital resource for language development, participation, and integration. You can read more in English here. Especially for those who know exactly what a public library is. For me, I have been musing on what the core of librarianship is.

Learning Regional Innovation

I have concluded that the euphemism for librarianship is rather an onion, rather than, say, a peach. Or are libraries passion fruits? The Library Identity Crisis is what happens in the transition from libraries focusing on collections and transactions lending books and so on to libraries focusing on building relationships with library users as well as empowering the community itself by building relationships with the civil society.

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Learning regional innovation : Scandinavian models

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