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This table breaks out popular teaching careers and includes grade level, minimum education required, typical education achieved, average teacher salary, and national employment numbers, as well as the job outlook for each specialty area. With this information based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can learn about high areas of demand for teachers.

Note that salaries can vary based on grade level, but grade level data is not available for all teaching specialties. In addition, demand and job growth can change year-to-year based on funding availability at the state and federal levels. This information is the most current available as of early and will be updated periodically to keep pace with changes in the projections.

Also see our guide for prospective Gifted and Talented Teachers. For more in-depth information, see our Guide on How to Become a Teacher for an overview of teaching careers.


Our teacher interviews feature over 50 teachers who share the lessons they have learned during their careers, as well as advice for new teachers who are embarking on teaching careers. Our Top Teacher Blogs by Innovative Educators page provides a resource for prospective teachers to find the best blogs written by teachers. Teachers from various areas of education share their experiences, along with ideas on providing the best education for young people and adults.

Best States to Be a Teacher Index The sortable table below will help you learn about teacher salary by state, state-level teacher hiring outlooks, and our view of the best states to be a K teacher. Our table leverages government information on the total number of all types of K teachers including kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and secondary high school, along with special education and career specialties.

Data for all of those positions are summed in the table below to create the total and projected K teacher counts for the US and by state. We used the real estate value from Zillow for each state and for average teacher salary, we used government-sourced information for elementary school teachers, who are the most common type of educator. Sort any column in descending or ascending order by clicking on the header.

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At the top of the table in a gray box below the top row, the US average can be found as a broad point of comparison. Teaching and Education Programs Searching for Schools Although school enrollments are expected to grow in the next decade, NCES reports that student-to-teacher ratios will actually improve, primarily because the number of school teachers is rising faster than the number of students. With many schools adding to their requirements for prospective teachers, the need for specialized teachers is increasing.

Many schools report shortages in teachers of math, science, ESL, and special education.

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Subsequently, these specialties are in higher demand, with commensurately higher salaries on average. Question : Should I become a teacher? How do I decide which teaching career is right for me? In order to succeed as a teacher you should have a real love of learning and be able to work with children in the age group s you prefer.

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  4. Becoming a teacher assistant is also a great way to introduce yourself to the profession. Question :What degree do you need to be a teacher? Question :How long does it take to become a teacher? Answer : The time it takes to become a teacher depends on your previous education. Answer : Teacher salaries vary by state, education level, and career area. References: 1. Teaching Jobs How to Become a Teacher. Ask questions, peek into classrooms, chat with new and veteran teachers and try following some blogs.

    Teachers are a great resource for teachers — take advantage! Never lose sight of the kids who drew you to this career. When we forget the human aspect of teaching and get bogged down by the pressures of testing, standards, and curriculum, we are forgetting about the needs of our learners. Let your dedication to helping your students succeed drive your energy for the rest.

    Practical, innovative and directly relevant to today's geography classroom. Once again Brin Best has his finger on the pulse of the circulatory system of teachers at grassroots level. He has measured the pace and the strength of the pulse and provides seemlingly endless practical strategies for enhancing learning and performance in this fascinating subject area.

    This book is brilliant. An invaluable book and a must for any geography teacher. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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