Sexing the Self: Gendered Positions in Cultural Studies

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Finally, the transnationalizing of North American feminism has changed its political purpose by joining it to a larger sense of felt crisis among leftist intellectuals internationally. A generation of academics who went to graduate school during the s and developed professionally during the right-wing turn in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and France have changed intellectual practices in response to the inability of a left or even liberal wing to make inroads into electoral politics.

Cross-national scholarly dialogue has shored up left-wing academics by creating new research.

Sexing the Self: Gendered Positions in Cultural Studies - Elspeth Probyn - Google Books

As a result, leftist academics target the politics of culture and the culture of politics in an effort to make sense of the loss of ideological legitimation for everything from the welfare state to the Enlightenment promise of equality, progress, and social justice. Out of this transnational reorganizing of feminist knowledge, cultural studies is a kind of applied anthropology of daily life with a strong dose of linguistic sophistication.

Its subjects are most often modern, industrial societies including the shifts of a global economy, commodification of daily life, rise of nationalisms, ethnic hostilities, gender struggle, right-wing populism, and the demise of socialist governments. Its ethnographic moorings are wild, as participant-observation has come to mean hanging out in uncommon field sites such as Star Trek conventions, virtual reality communities, genetics labs, and topless bars. Methodological improvisation reigns in order to capture culture in a manner close Author: Deborah A.

Date: June 22, From: Feminist Studies Vol. Publisher: Feminist Studies, Inc.